What You Can Do

Quick remedies for nursing home abuse and neglect

  • Visit frequently. Vary your visits to different times of the day and evening to assess the care provided during all times of the day, night, weekends, and holidays.
  • Talk to nurses and aides about your concerns.
  • Talk to the Director of Nurses, Social Worker and Administrator.
  • Talk to the doctor.
  • Call the ombudsman.
  • Call your state survey agency. In each state there is a division of the Department of Health which deals with oversight of nursing homes and enforcement of nursing home regulations. This agency conducts yearly surveys of each nursing home and also investigates complaints filed by family members. Find out who the state licensing agency is from your nursing home. They are required to provide this information to you when your place a resident in the nursing home.
  • If you believe the nursing home resident is a victim of any form of abuse or neglect by the nursing home you can and should file a complaint with your state Licensing and Certification division; they are required to investigate your complaint. The state Licensing and Certification division may substantiate your complaint; if they do so, the agency has the authority to issue a citation against the facility, impose a fine, and require corrective action.

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